DISRPTIVE develops and implements successful digital growth strategies. Our approach is strongly data-driven: we create full transparency of all KPIs, allowing our clients to see exactly which sales and marketing activities are driving profit and revenue. We identify the key growth levers, we scale up sales and bring down costs. We build both knowledge and technical assets within our clients organization to secure long term growth. Our results are based on 20 years of cumulative C-Level start-up experience, advanced computer and data science as well as online marketing skills. Our team members have founded, grown and sold companies across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Cutting-edge digital marketing

  • Master both standard and non-standard channels for maximum reach
  • Optimise your marketing based on customer life-time-value
  • Leverage data science for user-level ad optimisation

Full performance transparency

  • Understand what works, how and why
  • Monitor project performance in real time
  • Take full control over all costs
  • Avoid black box agencies

Enablement of your company

  • Gain access to knowledge of successful serial entrepreneurs
  • Use our support in hiring the best talents
  • Have a team trained that can continue growth in-house

Get live access to your most important metrics.

Identify the factors that are driving your business.

Allocate your resources to the most profitable channels and users.

Plan your business success with real-world numbers.

Typically our projects are designed to last three to six months, depending on objectives and internal resources dedicated to the project. The goal for each project is tailored to the client´s specific needs. Unlike conventional consultants, our approach is extremely hands-on. We do not merely define “action points” – we take action.


  • Implement end-to-end user-level tracking
  • Create live KPI reports to monitor marketing/sales performance across all channels
  • Identify key growth levers based on data


  • Scale marketing in the most profitable channels, targeting the right users at the right price
  • Optimise conversion through rigorous A/B testing
  • Implement measures that increase retention and LTV


  • Final learnings workshop
  • Help build internal human resources that can continue growth
  • Full project documentation
  • Hands-on training

Data-driven Acquisition of Jewellery Sales Partners

DISRPTIVE tested and optimised all online marketing parameters – such as channels, targeting, creatives and landing pages – leveraging a custom-built business intelligence solution that connects all user-level marketing data with customer lifetime value data.

We helped our client scale up its online business

With full transparency over all KPIs, our client was able to optimize all marketing activities based on customer lifetime value. This lead to significantly reduced customer acquisition costs and allowed our client to generate much higher impact from online marketing which became the company‘s premier marketing channel.


Gerald Heydenreich

Founder of PIPPA&JEAN and BuyVIP (acquired by Amazon)

Hendrik has more than 10 years founder experience across various industries. He was Rocket Internet Africa CEO and has founded 7 ventures (under Rocket and own).

Areas of Expertise:
Data Science, Advertising Technology, Media Buying.

Thorsten is an experienced eCommerce and ad-tech entrepreneur and exited two ventures. He has built data integration and analyses systems for terabytes of daily traffic.

Areas of expertise:
AdTech, Web Development and Data Systems Integration.

Gary has 6 years of startup and company building experience. He has sold two companies and most recently ran a data-driven marketing platform.

Areas of expertise:
eCommerce, Web Analytics, Media Buying.

Matthias has 10 years of leadership and operational experience in various industries. He was Managing Director at Trademob where he built a Mobile Real Time Advertising Platform.

Areas of expertise:
Strategy & Business Models, Product Management and Data-Driven Advertising.


Yoco enables merchants of all sizes to accept credit and debit card payments on mobile devices and cashier systems.

DISRPTIVE analyzed the existing marketing setup and performance. We implemented the set of relevant KPIs and the systems to measure them and established end-to-end transparency from first ad impression to the merchants‘ customer revenues.


fromAtoB applies Big Data technology to suggest the best combination of travel options (flights, busses, trains, …) to its customers.
DISRPTIVE lowered the marketing costs on high volume user acquisition channels by 50%, and established transparency on payback cycles on ad keyword level. Overall profitability improved >300%. Permanent team established and knowledge transferred.


Flexmedics connects Swiss healthcare providers with global medical professionals seeking new career opportunites.
DISRPTIVE is developing and implementing an international search marketing strategy aimed at generating high quality leads. Project ongoing.

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